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At CNP, we have been formulating and manufacturing products in our Manchester-based, state-of-the-art facility since 1998. We were founded by bodybuilding champion Kerry Kayes in order to provide a comprehensive nutritional strategy for athletes and serious gym goers. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, power, strength and a boost to your performance capacity, then CNP’s premium-quality sports nutrition range can help take you to the next level. 

As one of the original sports nutrition brands, CNP has played an integral part in growing the fitness industry in the UK and beyond. In order to keep pushing the brand forward the time has come for the brand to evolve, and therefore we are delighted that CNP now has a new look and feel. Our new range of CNP products will launch over the course of 2018. Make sure you join our newsletter to keep up to date with all the new product releases and offers.


Muscle has memory. If you lose your way, it remembers how it was created and remembers the best, most efficient way of returning to where it has been. 

At CNP, we also have memory, tradition and heritage. We were created with one goal in mind – to provide the world’s leading muscle, strength and power athletes with the best products in the marketplace. Since CNP’s conception, our formulations have been developed using cutting-edge ingredients and innovative production methods, ensuring they have stood the test of time. We have a 20-year history of high-quality, market-leading formulations with the results to back them up.


Muscle also has a future. In the same way that your muscle fibres call upon their history to spark new growth, CNP also embodies growth and the future. At CNP, our passion and focus is in continuing to provide you with cutting-edge, premium formulations that will help you secure your muscle future. Our in-house team of scientists and expert nutritionists are continually reviewing and analysing the freshest, proven ingredients on the market, ensuring that our products remain at the forefront of the sports nutrition world.

As a result 2018 will see the launch of some of the most innovative NPD on the market along with several of our core range products receiving updates with the latest innovative ingredients included.

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