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Flavor: Grape

Delta Zone - BPM Labs

The Delta Zone by BPM Labs has been designed to induce a deep and restful sleep, whilst also boosting your body's HGH (Human Growth Hormone). BPM Labs Delta Zone also contains a proprietary blend which will assist with maintaining lean muscle mass. This night time and non stimulant based supplement combines ingredients to help calm your system down in order to support a deeper more restful sleep, whilst also assisting in improving lean muscle mass. In today's society where we may experience on a daily basis high stressful situations, and or be prone to take too much caffeine based products, a good night sleep where you can truly shut off can sometime be more difficult. Therefore, Delta Zone by BPM Labs is perfect for those looking for a supplement to help them achieve a deeper sleep. Delta Zone will help even those who may struggle to sleep, after a long day of work or due to caffeine stimulants. 

Delta Zone Benefits

  • Support restful sleep
  • Increase energy & focus
  • Lean muscle recovery
  • Improves R.E.M
  • Increase calming effects for improved ease of falling asleep and to support deeper sleep
  • Boost recovery
  • Sleep Aid Formula
  • Advanced non-stimulant night time formula

Delta Zone will enhance the quality of your sleep by increasing the amount of rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) sleep experienced each night. R.E.M. sleep is vital for our natural growth hormone production. When combined with a healthy eating regime, Delta Zone will assist with natural growth hormone production. 

Delta Zone also includes ingredients to lower anxiety and stress, assist in enhancing mood and encourage a better night’s sleep that will have you waking rested, energised and ready for anything that the day will bring! 

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