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Size: 500ml

Super Slim is an effective weight loss supplement that has been formulated using unique ingredients that have been clinically tested and shown to have powerful effects on body fat. Super Slim has been developed by a leading biochemist who specializes in weight loss formulation and supplement formulation. This breakthrough fat loss formula has been helping men and women shed unwanted body fat for over 5 years. It's formula is one of the best kept secrets until now. 


What's in it?


Green Tea Extract benefits nearly every organ system in the body. Consuming Green Tea has shown increase fat oxidation (percentage of overall calories used coming from fatty acids rather than glucose) associated with consumption of green tea catechins. 


Guarana contains caffeine and has been associated with increase in mental focus and increase in energy levels. It will also increase your basal metabolic rate and increase the use of fat for energy production.   


Citrus Aurantium increases BMR (basal metabolic rate), increases the use of fat for energy production, stimulates lipolysis and has a thermogenic effect. 


Lupin helps control your appetite and cravings as well as helps protect muscle from wastage in a calorie deficit. Meaning you can sleep easy knowing your not going to be losing your hard earned muscle by using this product. 

Bitter Hops Extract MHBA the newest ingredient to be added making this product even more effective. A recent study found the MHBA reduces diet-induced body fat accumulation. It does this by enhancing thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. 

How do I use it?

We recommend that you begin with half a cap 5ml (lid on the bottle) in a standard glass of water first thing in the morning. Make sure you have something small to eat after consuming Super Slim as it contains stimulants. After 5 days a dosage of 10ml (full cap) to fully benefit from this powerful weight loss supplement is recommended. 

What can I expect? 

Common feedback from the first few days on Super Slim is that people lose their bloating. So you feel a lot better a lot faster. Super Slim goes to work quickly helping you control your appetite and cravings so your much less likely to even think about food outside of your planned meals. We have had some amazing results with people who have given Super Slim a go losing upwards of 6kg's of fat on a 8 week cycle. We do how ever recommend a quality diet and exercise program whilst using Super Slim to achieve the best results.    

Are there any side effects?

We recommend that you consume food after drinking Super Slim, something small is fine. Caffeine based supplements can cause slight dizziness in some people if taken on an empty stomach without consuming food afterwards. 

Do I need to cycle Super Slim?

No, it low caffeine content means that it's safe to use for as long as you like. 

Are there any other supplements I can take with Super Slim? 

We recommend the use of a quality meal replacement Goliath's Both Whey or Plant Protein and the Goliath Burn capsules if your wanting to take your diet and weight loss to the next level.

Is Super Slim Vegan?

Yes Super Slim is 100% Vegan


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