What protein powder or weight gainer is best for weight gain?

What protein powder or weight gainer is best for weight gain?

What protein powder or weight gainer is best for weight gain?

Which mass gainer is best?

A common question we get asked at Nutrition Superstore is what is the best weight gainer and why? We have found that the brands with mass gainers that are using high quality and high calorie formulas are the best for mass gain for hard gainers. 

What makes a high quality formula? What we are looking for in a calorie dense, high quality mass gainer formula is quality complex carbohydrates and premium protein. We want to avoid high sugar and low quality protein formulas so you avoid feeling flat, bloated and putting the weight on in all the wrong areas. 

CNP Pro Mass ticks all the boxes for us as a quality weight gainer. CNP are a highly respected company from the U.K who have a reputation for their premium products and first class formulas. CNP Pro Mass Gainer has been developed in conjunction with athletes such as power lifters, body builders as well as martial artists at the elite level to help them meet their training and weight goals. 

CNP Pro Mass weight gainer is low in lactose, it's less than 3% which means it's much easier on the stomach and no bloating.   

CNP Pro Mass also tastes great! It comes in a variety of flavors and sizes so you can change things up as you please. It also works in smoothies, so if you're looking to add things to it we can assure you it will create a very smooth base to your smoothie.  

If a fast metabolism is making it difficult for you to gain weight then a clean mass gainer such as CNP Pro Mass is without a doubt a great option for you. We have had many success stories of guys putting on over 10kg in a number of months by consistently using this product in conjunction with training and a good nutrient dense diet.

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